Whо are your favourite heroes?

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What if you had them as an unique NFT in your collection?

Lets say you have a favourite artist who creates fantasy worlds that you admire. Or you get inspired by the world created by your favourite writer but no one has visualized heroes from this world yet.

We have created NFT Legends DAO to give to you a chance of buying a unique heroes, from the setting you love, created by the artist you like most. In cooperation with artists, studios, writers, we will generate collections of unique characters that you can buy and have a piece of created unique world. We want to build a strong and collaborative community that will decide what collections it should be.

Moreover, besides collecting the unique characters from your favourite worlds, you can use them to play and earn, not only by farming internal currency (NFTL), but also by winning in battles.

If you worshiped artwork from a famous artist or, on the contrary, an unknown one, would you like to have a unique hero from him?


Tell us about your preferences and we will generate collections of unique heroes with different rarity, for you to be able to have a part of this delicious world (or even print it in 3d).

Although there are many heroes from our beloved already existing worlds:

There are still many popular worlds which heroes have not yet been visualized. So if you are one of the fans and want to have a unique piece of the world with your favourite heros - join our community! Don’t miss your chance to promote your favourite world!

Owning a unique piece of your beloved world is awesome, but we have something even better! We’ve added gamification and the ability to compete with other digital art lovers. Go with your hero to the nft arena, fight and win more cards and NFTL tokens. We use very simple statistical mechanics so anyone can try their luck.

Be ready for our first cyberpunk collection A-12 in the nearest future!

Our NFT Legend DAO: https://client.aragon.org/#/nftlegends/

All collected funds from sales will be distributed to DAO participants. So by distribution of our DAO token we will engage more interesting people in our project.

You can become a part of our DAO and vote for any new collection and distribution of collected money from sales by buying a token on Uniswap: NFTD.

Contact Us
Website: https://nftlegends.io/
Discord: discord.gg/nMSrpPWfKe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/legends_nft

Digital art collectible game with different future collections. Join our community here: https://discord.gg/nMSrpPWfKe

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NFT Legends

NFT Legends

Digital art collectible game with different future collections. Join our community here: https://discord.gg/nMSrpPWfKe

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