Dear friends, we have made some changes to the sale of cards.

🎴🃏The collection has not been sold yet, and we decided to reveal three types of cards. We will reveal them next week, look for the announcement.

So what are the types of cards to be revealed?

🥈Prostitutes —…

To take part —

💰Everyone who will participate in the airdrop will receive an invitation to the closed alpha of our v 1.0 game (PvE mode), where you will play high-profile NFTs from different collections every week with OpenSea from 5 to 10 ETH.

🔥The most active users who draw the most attention to retweet will receive a special prize — 1 of our NFT of a value that may reach even thousands of dollars. Special prizes imply 5 NFTs ($5,000) totalling.

CyberJustin 🆚 Bored Ape Yacht Club!

📢We announce a battle of the century: legendary Justin Sun’s CyberJustin card versus the legendary Bored Ape Yacht Club card!

🔥Fight on behalf of NFT Legends, Justin! You retweeted us — now you’re in the game and there’s no way back. Our team supports you.

Who will fight on behalf of you, BoredApeYachtClub? Maybe Snoop Dogg? You don’t say! Wait for your answer by day’s end, you aren’t a yellow belly, are you?

🕕Time is running out, so take a battle!

From now on the project`s game infrastructure will be deployed on Polygon`s second-level solution!

🟢 Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. It helps create a robust ecosystem with advanced functionality and features.

We have some great news regarding this integration!

💰💥 NFT Legends will receive a grant from Polygon for the project development.

We will also issue NTF on Polygon and supply our new users with them.

📢 And the most excellent news is that we will launch the opportunity to participate in NFT Legends battles with Polygon tokens!

Thanks to Polygon for their support, NFT Legends will attract new followers, expand the community, and provide investors with the best trading tools and income options!

We have taken a leap into advanced development!

🟣 You are welcome to become a part of this development, purchase NFT DAO tokens:

🔥Unique and rare CyberElon card on OpenSea!🔥

CyberElon is a card of the Legendary cards series that offers you maximum mining power of our NFTL token and is dedicated to Elon Musk.

📅Auction sale starts on September, 20th
💰Opening bids: $1000
💜Place your bets on OpenSea:

Attention, auction sales of the card starts on September, 20th on the OpenSea platform and will last till the end of September. The starting price is $1000. It seems to be a small sum as for a hero and legend of our time, does not it?

This person needs no introduction. The hero and legend of our time — Elon Musk, is now in our Legendary cards series!

🟢Legendary cards are exclusive cards, of which there are only 4 in the Universe, and CyberElon is one of them.

Legendary card offers you maximum mining power of our NFTL token💥🔥

Rarity and uniqueness make the CyberElon card expensive and incredibly attractive. Only imagine how its price will grow in a few years! CyberElon is a really highly valuable asset in this Tesla and Starlink epoch.

🟣Stay tuned, catch the Elon card and wait for the auction and airdrop on our Twitter.

💜NFT Legends: join our Metaverse!

Greet a metaverse of strong and incredibly attractable characters, inspired by the original cyberpunk setting and Night City — all these come together in NFT Legends collections!

💥It is not just cards — it is a whole game. Incredible battles in the arena with other…

NFT Legends

Digital art collectible game with different future collections. Join our community here:

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